The Transgenic Mouse, ICSI and IVF Core (TMII)

The Transgenic Mouse, ICSI and IVF Core (TMII) is a state-of-the-art facility with an outstanding track record in providing efficient and economic access to transgenic animals and related technologies. Using different techniques, our scientists and expert technicians will help with establishing genetically modified animals such as transgenic and knock-out mouse models for gain-of-function and loss-of-function experimental approaches to dissect transcriptional, signaling, and environmental influences on tumor initiation, progression and metastasis.


The Transgenic Mouse, ICSI and IVF Core is supported by NIH grant P30GM131944.

The principal investigators of the IBR Manoa, Drs. Stefan Moisyadi, Steve Ward, Jesse Owens, Johan Urschitz and Monika Ward


The ability to introduce foreign genes or to selectively knock out endogenous genes in animals is of tremendous importance for basic and clinical research. As such, transgenesis is a very powerful tool facilitating targeted in vivo genome editing and transcription modulation, essential not only for elucidating the genetic basis of diseases but also for the development of novel therapeutic intervention strategies for the treatment of a wide range of disorders from inherited single gene defects to acquired infectious diseases.

The mouse provides an excellent model organism because of its short gestation time, large litter size, fully sequenced genomic DNA and well-characterized embryonic development. Genetically modified mice, are the model of choice for investigating the molecular mechanisms governing gene expression patterns to cell-cell interactions, cell cycle control, DNA or cell maintenance and repair and regulation of signal transduction pathways.

In particular, these model systems provide approaches that are developmentally, anatomically and physiologically relevant to normal development and to study human disease such as cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, or viral infection.
Finally, transgenesis can be used to establish new or to improve existing animal models.


The purpose of the Transgenic Mouse, ICSI and IVF Core (TMII), a state-of-the-art facility, is to support the generation of genetically altered animals for basic and translational research using different techniques. Specifically, the

TMII offers a large number of services to academic investigators, such as the creation of transgenic and knock-out mouse models for gain-of-function and loss-of-function experimental approaches or the archiving of genetically modified rodents. The use of such highly specific models reduces time and the number of animals required to obtain disease-relevant results. The Transgenic Mouse, ICSI and IVF Core also supports the archiving of genetically modified rodents.


The facility is located in the Biomedical Sciences  building of the Manoa campus. Our facility consists of an animal room and several injection rooms. The injection rooms are fully equipped to carry out the entire procedure of making transgenic mice. The animal room provides housing and breeding space for the mice involved in the transgenic projects. The facility uses sterile food and water as well as autoclaved cages and bedding. All mice are kept in internally ventilated cages (IVCs) with enriched environment and are checked daily for their well-being. The entire facility is located behind a microbiologic barrier where admittance is strictly limited.


Our scientists and expert technicians offer support, advice and counselling for non-specialists on establishing genetically modified mice using different techniques. They will discuss with you potential strategies and alternative approaches.


Dr. Moisyadi will direct the administration and management of the Core and provide scientific oversight.

Dr. Urschitz will maintain direct contact with investigators using the facility. He will coordinate TMII interactions and will also be responsible for scientific consultations.

Portrait of Rodrigo Weingrill, PhD, TMII Core manager
Rodrigo Weingrill, PhD
TMII Core manager

Dr. Weingrill is responsible for the animal micromanipulation section of the TMII Core.

Ilko Stoychev, Research Specialist, the transgenic mouse, IBR
Ilko Stoychev
Research Specialist

Mr. Stoychev who supports various aspects of the facility’s services.