Vernadeth B. Alarcon, PhD

Associate Professor


Preimplantation embryo Cell lineage, Cell polarity, Developmental toxicants

Research Interests

My lab focuses on the mechanisms that control cell fate decisions in the early mouse embryo.  Our studies aim to elucidate the molecular components and signaling pathways that play critical roles in the formation of two distinct cell types, i.e., the inner cells mass (fetal body precursor) and trophectoderm (placenta precursor), in the preimplantation embryo.  The application of the studies is the identification of genetic and environmental factors that can potentially impair embryos before uterine implantation and thereby compromise fertility in women.


Blastocyst, Cell lineage, Cell polarity, Hippo signaling, Pluripotent stem cells, ICM, TE, PARD6B, ROCK, Rho GTPase, Mevalonate pathway

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Selected Publications