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Name Monika Ward
Affiliation JABSOM
Position Professor
Degree Ph.D. (Poznan University, Poland)
Phone 808-956-0779
Fax 808-956-7316
Address 1960 East-West Rd, Room E104
Honolulu, HI 96822

Research projects:

Sperm Genetics and Function in Fertilization

Description of research:

Assisted reproduction enables achieving fertilization when normal conception does not occur due to a variety of gamete defects. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is the injection of a single spermatozoon directly into the cytoplasm of an oocyte using an injection pipette. This technique has been applied successfully in the treatment of infertile couples and is now widely used as a method of human assisted reproduction (ART). In addition to its obvious role in overcoming the infertility, ICSI is also an excellent tool allowing exploring new venues of reproductive biology. It provides a unique opportunity to examine the mechanisms underlying male infertility by looking into the reproductive potentials of individual spermatozoa.

The primary research interest of the lab is to study sperm genetics and function in fertilization in the context of assisted reproduction, utilizing advanced techniques of gamete and embryo micromanipulation combined with cytogenetic and molecular biology techniques, in a mouse model. The overall goal is to explore how the 'genetic composition' of sperm translates on its function in fertilization.

The ongoing projects involve:

(1) Reproducing subfertile and infertile mice with phenotypes that mimic various human male infertility syndromes to test for ART effects;

(2) Studying sperm DNA damage, its origin and consequences for fertilization and embryo development;

(3) Examining the function of the Y chromosome encoded genes in male fertility;

Selected Publications:

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  • Yamauchi Y., Riel Jonathan M., Stoytcheva Z., Ward Monika A (2013): Two Y genes can replace the entire Y chromosome for assisted reproduction in the mouse. Science (in press).

Lab members

Yasuhiro Yamauchi
Junior Researcher
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Jonathan M. Riel
Junior Researcher
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Victor Ruthig
Graduate Student
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Egle Ortega
Graduate Student
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